It’s time to invest in civil engineers!

Today, when construction prices are rising, in fact the only way to fit into the budget is a rational, well-thought-out and optimized project. The most important role is that of the civil engineer. However, it is not easy!

It is the construction engineer who chooses the calculation scheme, influencing the type of foundation, the building materials to be used, the types of connections, materials, technology and a number of other decisions that affect the construction costs . At the same time, the construction engineer is the one who is responsible for the safety of the construction and he must be sure of the safety of the decisions made. In order for an engineer to make decisions about more cost-optimal solutions, he has to perform complex calculations, which nowadays are assisted by specialized computer programs , so it is important to equip the engineer with modern IT tools .

It is the right time to invest in construction engineers, because as a result, the winner will be both the construction engineer, who will feel more confident about his decisions, and the client, who will be able to fit into the budget. The amount of investment is not proportional to the potential benefit, because, for example, equipping a civil engineer with software designed for the calculation of steel nodes, the cost will vary from 2500 to 6200 EUR, however, the benefit can reach several tens of thousands of EUR (saving only 1t of steel, the benefit reaches more than 2000 EUR).

Using specialized computer programs, the engineer can perform more in-depth calculations for foundation and foundation solutions ( GEO5 program ), reinforced concrete, steel and wooden structures (calculation program Dlubal RFEM ), steel connections ( IDEA StatiCa), masonry and composite materials (Dlubal RFEM). In-depth calculations allow the engineer to gain confidence in the safety of structures while providing an optimal and cost-effective solution. By providing the engineer with participation in training, as well as knowledge of visual programming, both work productivity and opportunities to rationally plan project costs increase. In other words, by investing in engineer’s equipment – specialized construction calculation programs – it is possible to save both the engineer’s nerves and the client’s money.

Another source of savings, apart from structural calculations, is a buildable 3D (BIM) model, as it reduces risks during construction. A buildable 3D model reduces the cost of maintaining the construction site, reduces the ordering of excess material to a minimum, since there are no scraps for which disposal fees are still to be paid, and the number of deliveries is also reduced by drawing up an accurate material delivery schedule. In addition to that, you can also save on the number of employees at the construction site, because the drawings generated from the buildable 3D (BIM) model are much more visible. Here, as an analogy, we can mention the assembly of IKEA furniture, where the exact number of parts comes with clear assembly instructions, which actually allows anyone to assemble the furniture. Here, too, the main person is the civil engineer. In order for him to be able to do this, he needs appropriate equipment, as well as an investment in training.Tekla Structures , which is chosen by specialists not only in Latvia, but all over the world.

In summary, if you want an optimal solution, you have to invest. You can’t expect that at low prices, the engineer will sit day and night and calculate each node in depth, just to economize the costs of the project. It must be understood that an engineer is a person who carries a huge responsibility, and if he is short of time (as you know, time is money), he will choose the safest option, which is unlikely to be more cost-effective.

The source of investments is often in the hands of the civil engineers themselves and it is no secret that the leading engineers in Latvia use specialized computer programs, because the leading engineers want to be sure of the calculation results and are aware of the possibilities provided by the software. Engineers who work directly with the manufacturer are often the best equipped because their work has the most direct impact on the final cost of the project. In Latvia, one of the examples is the company A/S UPB .

All kinds of costs – both transport and materials – are increasing all over the world and one thing is clear, now is the right time to invest in engineers. The customer must be ready to pay more for project development in order to receive a cost-optimal solution. Civil engineers, on the other hand, have to invest in training and computer programs in order to be able to deliver what the customer requires. All together, it makes it possible to implement projects even at such high prices and fit into the budget.

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