Streamlining Construction Finances: Achieve Accuracy and Success with Bexel Manager

We already know much about BIM models and its benefits for design and project management works. How it can improve design quality, how it gains productivity and helps coordinate and communicate.

But what about most important thing at any construction or project design?  FINANCIAL PART?

How we are usually calculating costs of our design? Or how our clients are calculating their project budgets? How accurate it is?  And how often it changes during construction stage?

Working with traditional approach most of the cases it is done manually by estimate specialist. This process is time consuming and quality or accuracy of this works depends on qualification of estimate specialist and his knowledge.

In other words – it is always a risk, that something can be missed and always working manually with spread sheets – human factor can impact a result. Mistakes can happen here (and usually it happens) that due to large project scale / large amount of data is not noticed by specialists early.

Budget calculations then are wrong and FINANCIAL project part suffers. Later it is noticed during construction stages, but solving these issues takes a lot of time and energy, also most important – it reflect to overall project success – it is delayed and overbudgeted (in most of the cases).

What can be a solution for improvement? No worries! Tools and methods already exist. One of it – I would like to present – it is platform for 5D workflow organization – BEXEL MANAGER.  What it can do? It actually can do all you need to complete your project successfully.

Any project nowadays can be characterized as 2D, 3D, 4D or 5D. Well, 2D is a traditional drawing and documents form base project with traditional approach for management and construction – we will not talk about it too much and concentrate more on 3D and 5D projects.

3D is generally BIM model or digital twin of real building that reflect all geometry and physical parameters of it. 5D is 3D model enriched with execution time – scheduling and financial or budget planning data.

We will compare 4 typical workflows that can be done with BEXEL.


It is beginners’ level who already have +/- BIM model for their project.

 It is not very detailed, it does not have correct elements classification system, but can already be imported to BEXEL.

Using traditional approach for project analysis and planning it can already help to improve and automate calculations works. It does not save time but radically improves accuracy and quality for estimate comparing to traditional work flow using sheets and drawings.

Well start working from LEVEL 0 is a good option for companies that just started using 3D BIM models and wants to improve and integrate project estimate and time schedule with project model.


For companies that already have enough practice working with 3D BIM models and models are already enriched with correct elements classification system from CSI (North America Construction Specification Institute) or UNICLASS (UK, unified construction classification system). Costs are added to items manually, but all other is automated. In this case BEXEL improves estimation time to 5 – 10 times comparing with LEVEL 0.


Companies that gained enough practice working with LEVEL 1 can shift to BEXEL LEVEL2. This is where BEXEL starts showing at its best.

Detailed BIM model and rich elements classification system allows to import and moderate data baes with resources – materials and labor costs. IT CAN BE ADJUSTED ACCORDING TO CONTRY LOCAL ESTIMATION NORMS AND STANDARDS as well official market research catalogues can be imported to BEXEL and used as data bases for projects estimation. Whole workflow process in this case BEXEL does according to ISO 12006 standard!

Cost estimate automation at this stage allows to reach such quality and time saving level that comparing it to traditional 2D does not have a sense anymore.

This is where we have correct and full 3D BIM integration and upgrade it to 5D.


Its advanced level. At this stage LEVEL2 workflow is even more automated. Knowledge bases already created and used with different construction methodologies to optimize and analyses projects in different aspects of construction costs and construction time relation.

To summarize – BEXEL unique application that should be already used at any large scale project design or project management firm.

BIMSOLUTIONS GROUP and our experienced specialist can already provide consultancy and trainings for companies in Georgia willing to start and improve their work.

After short time working with BEXEL companies will be able to provide for their clients completely  different level COST ESTIMATION / PROJECT BUDGETING and PROJECT SCHEDULING services.

So don’t miss up this opportunity to gain your skills and improve your work. Starting today with BEXEL you will become a leader of tomorrow!