BIM Solutions in Georgia

BIM Solutions implementing BIM methodology and solutions starting in the Baltics since 2011.

Now BIM Solutions Group will help Construction industry in Georgia became more efficient with local based organization BIM Solutions Georgia.

Leading BIM Consultancy company in the Baltics and now in Georgia is working with design construction and property development companies, owners, also with government institutions.

What is BIM? BIM is Building Information Modeling or Model. We could understand it like a Digital Building Model or prototype with information about every building element.

BIM Solutions Georgia will help to optimize construction project management by using innovative methods and BIM technologies in most efficient way proven in practice. It helps BIM solutions customers reducing many issues in construction such as delays, material waists, reworks and project quality. Also, BIM technologies are helping improve collaboration of all project participants if it used in proper way form early design to project handover even building maintenance. BIM Solutions Georgia provides consultancy how in best ways utilize BIM in design, construction and building maintenance process in order to get more controlled and efficient construction project. We are consulting Property developers, project owners how to organize BIM projects, how to create proper requirements. Nowadays BIM is mandatory in most developed countries and Europe. Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania government decided also to make mandatory requiring BIM solutions in construction projects.

BIM Solutions believes that experience, practices of more than 10 years will help Georgian Construction industry to reach higher level and international and european standards in modern construction management.

Now architects in Georgia using some BIM technologies like ArchiCAD or Revit for architectural design. It’s very good start. It’s speedup and visualizing design process, also it helps architects create automatically drawings and material quantities form BIM models. But main benefits are possible if all parts of the projects like structural, HVAC, Electrical, etc. are made in BIM. BIM Solutions Georgia will educate engineers how to use specialized BIM design, engineering tools, also educate how to organize, coordinate work between architects, engineers and construction companies. BIM Solutions Georgia will consult how to manage project materials quantities and budget, project schedule and execution control in more efficient way using 3D visualizations of the projects. So, first phase is to learn to use BIM for Design, then BIM for Construction and building maintenance, operate. BIM solutions Georgia is ready also cooperate with Georgian Universities and construction, engineering related associations in order to help understand and start new generation education program adding BIM methodology as a part of education.

BIM Solutions Georgia is organizing the first seminar dedicated to structural engineer, where BS engineers will show possible new way of structural engineering process using best in the work BIM technologies. Also there will be guest from Lithuania, engineering company Sostinės Konstruktoriai. This company will share own success: growth form small company to well know leading structural engineering company in Lithuania. They will explain why and how they using BIM.